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With Ufly, business travel is a breeze again. Book a flight, park next to your plane and be warmly greeted. No lines, no stress. Just business!

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10 things you need to know about Ufly

Doing business in Canada means traveling to these cities on several occasions. That’s why we offer 2 round-trips Montreal to Toronto Monday to Friday. Best off, we are using Saint-Hubert and Billy-Bishop airport. You will reach downtown faster.

Fly as much as you like. You can book as long as there are availabilities.

Our Ufly exclusive ticket prices remain the same for the entire year. This makes it ideal for corporate budget allowance.

The Pascan flights and Ufly rates are only available to Ufly members.

  To become a member visit:
Every member benefit from the full Ufly service's benefits and unique transport experience.

Private planes. Comfortable, large leather seats. Priority boarding. Access to a VIP lounge at Saint-Hubert. What more to ask.

Book your ticket online or on the Ufly app, get to the airport moments before your flight, and board immediately. It’s the most efficient way to travel.

You read that right. No Lines! Our carrier Pascan Aviation has its own security checkpoint and check-in. You can keep your shoes on.

All our members have access to a free parking at the Saint-Hubert Airport right next to the lounge access.

Our flight partner offers tickets to Toronto (Billy-Bishop), Montreal (Saint-Hubert Aiport), Québec City, Bagotville and Val-d’Or. More destinations will be added over time.

Our carrier Pascan Aviation offer short range flights. As such there are no toilets on the plane. You can use the lounge to this effect.

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